Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Blue's first notes for pictures for the TRANSPORT ROOM.

Using Blue's lists of vehicles we printed out pictures from the internet.

This is the Batmobile.

We cut all the pictures out and Rachel and Andy covered the backs with wallpaper paste.

Blue said they should all go in a line like traffic on a road.

Ed helps to take down some masking tape that we left behind last time.

Andy carefully sticks the cars down in a neat line.

The TRANSPORT ROOM is nearly ready.

Blue says the children will be flabbergasted when they see their room.

He's right - it's a fantastic job.

The last time Orient Street Respite Unit was decorated, the council paid a group of so-called "painters and decorators" who charged huge amounts of money.
They were careless and did a terrible job.

We use our imagination and work slowly and steadily.

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